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Thyroid and parathyroid disorders can be a pain in the neck – literally. In addition to causing aches in your head and neck, ailments within the endocrine system can be detrimental to engaging in a healthy and active lifestyle, as pain or fatigue make ordinary activities unpleasant, and saps the enjoyment out of hobbies, interests, and pursuits
Our team of expert specialists are unmatched in the Gainesville area. Our ENT surgeons perform approximately 150 thyroid and 50 parathyroid operations every year, and work closely with the North Florida Regional Medical Center to implement state-of-the-art hormone therapy care in all of our parathyroidectomy cases.

Common Thyroid and Parathyroid Disorders

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the throat that is responsible for controlling how quickly the body produces energy, makes proteins, metabolizes food, and regulates hormones. When disorders near the thyroid occur, they can prohibit proper functioning of the thyroid gland…or the thyroid can work too much or too little, causing endocrine disorders.

Parotid Disorder

More commonly known as the salivary gland, the parotid gland is typically removed because of chronic infection, blockage, or a non-cancerous tumor. A parotidectomy involves a surgeon removing part of the salivary gland, without damaging the facial movement nerve that divides the parotid gland into two lobes.


An overactive thyroid is a condition called hyperthyroidism, which speeds up the body’s metabolism and creates abnormal functioning in many of the other body systems. Hyperthyroidism occurs in about 1% of women, who tend to contract the disorder more than men, and its most known form is Graves’ disease.


In contrast, a thyroid gland that under-performs causes a disorder known as hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism slows down the body’s metabolism and prevents the thyroid from producing enough hormones needed for good health.

Symptoms of a Thyroid Disorder

An estimated 59 million Americans suffer from thyroid disorders – however, the majority of people don’t know it. Consider contacting one of our qualified endocrinologists today to schedule a thorough thyroid examination if you have some or all of the following symptoms. These conditions are not exclusively signs of a thyroid disorder, but may be a possible indicator:

Muscle and joint pain, Carpal Tunnel, or Tendonitis

Neck discomfort/enlargement

Hair/skin changes

Bowel problems

Menstrual irregularities and fertility problems

Cholesterol issues (in spite of diet, exercise, and nutrition)

Depression and anxiety

Unexplained weight fluctuation

Fatigue and energy loss

Family history of thyroid disorders

At Accent ENT we know that thyroid and parathyroid disorders can be debilitating, and we are here to ensure that they do not stop you from having a healthy and active lifestyle.
Our Gainesville-based specialists are highly-skilled and trained to provide compassionate care to our patients, using the safest techniques and latest innovations in medical technology.
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