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Gainesville Computerized Dynamic Posturography

Computerized dynamic posturography is a test for people who are experiencing balance problems, mobility issues, or chronic dizziness. This test may be used to help to isolate the cause of the symptoms or to check the progress of people as they undergo therapy. The test checks the functioning of your visual system, ears, and your joints and muscles while you perform movements. Accent ENT offers computerized dynamic posturography to patients in Gainesville, Florida.

Accent ENT offers CDP testing to patients in Gainesville, Florida.

Dizziness, balance problems, and mobility issues can place you at risk of falling and reduce your quality of life. Computerized dynamic posturography is a test that can help to identify the source of the problem so that it can be properly addressed. The doctors and medical professionals at Accent ENT in Gainesville, Florida are able to perform computerized dynamic posturography with you and talk about the next steps.

What is computerized dynamic posturography?

Computerized dynamic posturography or CDP is a test of the stability of your posture. This is your ability to remain upright in various environmental conditions. Being able to remain upright depends on sensory input from your eyes, ears, and your muscles and joints. The CDP tests include a sensory organization test, an adaption test, and a motor control test to evaluate how these three different sensory systems are functioning as well as to look at the way in which they function together. The CDP test may be used for diagnostic purposes as well as to check your process during therapy.

How CDP testing is performed

On the date of your CDP test, you should wear comfortable clothing and shoes that allow you to move. While you are being tested, you will be asked to stand on a force plate. This plate may move or be stationary. You will be given different tasks to complete, and pressure gauges will measure and record the movements of your body. During the test, you may be presented with changing visual stimuli, and the surface on which you will stand will also move and change. A clinician will accompany you and be present to make certain that you remain safe during your CDP test.
CDP testing can help to identify problems that are causing your symptoms. It might also be used to check how you are progressing in your therapy. To learn more and to schedule an appointment, contact the Gainesville, Florida office of Accent ENT today.
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